By Periyava

Translation: V. Krishnaraj


அழுக்கு நீங்க வழி : தெய்வத்தின் குரல் (முதல் பகுதி)1-08

The path to remove Malmas (impurities): Deivathin Kuraḷ Part 1-08

From the perspective of Wisdom-Intellect, perception of all is Bliss-All objects are infused with Bliss. Endlessness of Bliss is in truth realized; we see Bliss in all. Bliss knows no bounds. There is no place without Bliss. There is nowhere it is not present. There cannot be two.  Therefore, Bliss and Jñāṉa are one. Upaniṣad states Bliss is Braḥmam. Bliss, Braḥmam and Ātmā are one. Since there is no place it is not, that is the Jīvaṉ with Spiritual Wisdom and Bliss.

One we call rose; another we call Ūmaththai (ஊமத்தை = Datura). If you look at it with the eye of Wisdom, it is not Rose. It is Bliss. Likewise, the Datura flower looks it is Bliss. Since we do not have the Spiritual Wisdom (Jñāṉam), we see a Rose Flower and a Datura Flower. All are Bliss. The reason we do not see the truth is we have impurity in our Citta (mind) with lack of a sense of Unity. If the mirror shakes, the reflection is not exact (blurry) but an altered form. If there is surface dirt on the shaking mirror, the reflection will not be as natural as the object is. Since our mind-mirror shakes and is dirty, the reflection does not show the object as a Blissful object.

The human mind sees two flowers. The spiritual mind with a sense of unity sees Bliss.

If you ask a handicapped person with essential tremor to hold a stick steady for 15 minutes, he cannot do it. A normal person can hold it steady for 15 minutes. We could hold a gross object. We cannot hold in thought a specific object for a certain duration. Cittam (mind) generates thousands of thoughts which run like movie reel. The Mahāṉs think of us as handicapped persons. Our mind handicapped with blemish is careless and lacks a sense of unity (in diversity). Once the blemish is removed, attention will come, the truth will be understood, and you will see Bliss of Unity in all objects.

How do we remove the fault? For us, dirt is our body. You read it right. What is the reason, we gained a body? It is because of sin. How did we incur sin? We committed sins by hand, feet, mind, body parts… (mind, thought, speech, and deed). To unwind the rope, you must reverse the tying sequence backwards from the end to the beginning. Likewise, you must undo the Asat (bad) deeds with Sat (good) deeds, and sins with meritorious deeds. Mind and (Kara-sara-ṇāthi) Karasaraṇāthi-mediated sins (மனம்-கரசரணாதி = Mind-hands-feet etc mediated sins) must be expunged by the same organs. Charity, benevolence, virtuous deeds, observance of rites, chanting of names of God, and visit to temples are the virtuous deeds. They help expunge the sins. Later, one must follow the path of wisdom resulting in endless and boundless Bliss.