Once upon a time, in the village of Dharmpur, there lived a Brahmin named Govind. Govind had two sons named Hatidatt and Somdatt. One day, Govind found himself in need of a tortoise for a ritual intended to bring forth wealth and prosperity. As soon as Hatidatt and Somdatt became aware of their father's requirement, they began quarreling over who would have the privilege of bringing the tortoise. The dispute escalated, eventually reaching the royal court, where the King decided to assess the talents of the two brothers before making a final decision.
Hatidatt, the elder son, claimed that he possessed a unique ability to smell food and accurately identify its place of origin. Intrigued by this claim, the King summoned his chef and instructed him to bring a sample of food from the palace kitchen. Hatidatt took a deep sniff of the dish and confidently declared that the grains used in the preparation of the food had been cultivated in a field located near the royal palace. To everyone's amazement, the chef confirmed the accuracy of Hatidatt's claim. The King was impressed by his extraordinary talent.
Curious to see the abilities of the younger son, Somdatt, the King then turned his attention to him. Somdatt confidently asserted that he possessed a unique skill to inspect a bed and discern whether it was suitable for sleeping. Eager to test this claim, the King ordered his servant to bring a bed for examination. Somdatt carefully examined the bed, layer by layer, and then declared that the seventh layer harbored a hidden thorn, rendering the bed unsuitable for a comfortable sleep. Once again, the accuracy of Somdatt's observation astonished everyone present. The King was captivated by his remarkable talent.
Faced with the dilemma of determining which son was more intelligent, the King found himself at a loss.
"Can you enlighten me, Vikram, as to which of the two brothers is truly the more intelligent?" Betal inquired.
Vikram, filled with honesty, admitted that he did not possess the answer at that moment. Intrigued by Vikram's integrity, Betal graciously agreed to continue their journey together, seeking further wisdom and enlightenment.
Moral: Sometimes, determining intelligence and talent is not a straightforward task, and it requires deeper insights and exploration.