Vjramukut the prince and his friend, the son of the minister, were good friends. They went to a forest and saw a beautiful girl along with her friends taking a bath in a jungle pond. The eyes of the prince and the girl met and they immediately fell in love with each other. She gave an ambiguous signal to the prince and went back to her kingdom. 

The prince and his friend deciphered the signal that the princess came from Karnataka. The friends went to Karnataka and soon found out that the king would not agree to his daughter’s wedding to the prince. The prince and his friend cooked up a scheme which blamed the princess of palace robbery. Upset by his daughter’s act, the king exiled his daughter out of the kingdom. The prince met the princess, married her and took her to Banaras, where the3y lived happily.

 Now, Betal queried – “who is the sinner in this case, Vikram?”
Vikram responded – “The King of Karnataka. The Prince did everything to take the princess as his wedded wife. But the King didn’t even trust his own daughter and fell victim to the machination of the Prince and his friend.”
Hearing the correct answer, Betal went  back to the tree trunk.