Once upon a time, in the city of Ujjain, there resided a man named Haridas. Haridas was on a quest to find a suitable husband for his daughter, Mahadevi. She had expressed her desire to marry a brave and fearless man. One fateful day, Haridas encountered a young man skilled in crafting chariots that could traverse great distances in a blink of an eye. Thinking he had found the perfect groom for his daughter, Haridas was filled with hope. However, upon returning home, he discovered that his wife and son had also selected two potential suitors for Mahadevi.
As the family deliberated over the matter, tragedy struck when Mahadevi was abducted by a malevolent demon. Fortunately, the young man chosen by Haridas's son possessed a hidden power that allowed him to locate Mahadevi's whereabouts. Utilizing his secret ability, he swiftly informed the boy favored by Haridas, who wasted no time employing his magical chariot to reach the captive's location. Meanwhile, the suitor chosen by Mahadevi's mother valiantly battled the demon, eventually defeating it and liberating Mahadevi from her imprisonment.
"Can you inform Vikram who would be the most suitable groom for Mahadevi?" inquired Betal.
Vikram pondered for a moment before responding, "Mahadevi desired a courageous young man. Hence, the individual who fought for her and secured her freedom is undoubtedly the most fitting husband for her."
Upon hearing the correct answer, Betal swiftly retreated to his place within the tree trunk.