Once upon a time, in the land of Mithilavati, resided a young boy named Chiramdev. His heart's desire was to serve in the royal court, but he had yet to find an opportunity to enter its esteemed halls. One fateful day, the King of Mithilavati, Gunadhip, ventured into the jungle for a hunting expedition and became lost. Serendipitously, Chiramdev stumbled upon the lost King and saved his life. Deeply grateful for the young boy's heroism, the King appointed Chiramdev as his personal guard.

A few days later, Chiramdev found himself by the seashore and his gaze fell upon a majestic temple. Intrigued, he decided to pay the sacred place a visit. As he ascended the temple stairs, his eyes met those of a beautiful girl. Instantly, Chiramdev fell in love with her. The girl instructed Chiramdev to take a holy dip in the temple pond. Miraculously, as soon as he immersed himself in the waters, he found himself transported back to Mithilavati.  Chiramdev recounted the extraordinary tale to the King, who, moved by his loyal guard's plight, agreed to assist him. Together, they journeyed to the temple near the seashore. There, they encountered the same girl once again. However, this time, it was the King who captured her heart. Despite her affection for the King, he selflessly urged the girl to marry Chiramdev instead.

"Can you tell Vikram, whose favor carries greater weight, Gunadhip's or Chiramdev's?" Betal inquired.

Vikram pondered the question before responding, "Gunadhip's favor holds greater significance, as he was under no obligation to sacrifice his own happiness for Chiramdev, yet he did so out of pure affection."

Upon hearing the correct answer, Betal swiftly retreated back to his dwelling within the tree trunk.

Moral: A person should always honor their commitments.