8: Who is the most educated
Once upon a time, in a village, there resided four siblings. One day, they made the decision to seek out a knowledgeable master and learn the art of resurrection from him. After completing their training, they began their journey back to their village. Along the way, they stumbled upon the lifeless body of a lion. Eager to showcase their newly acquired skills, the siblings decided to put their learning to the test. However, the fourth and youngest brother held a different perspective.
The eldest brother took charge and arranged the lion's bones meticulously. The second brother skillfully covered the bones with the lion's skin. Just as the third brother was about to perform the resurrection, the youngest brother raised his voice in disagreement. Regrettably, his pleas went unheard, and he found himself climbing a nearby tree in a bid to distance himself from the unfolding events. Ignoring the fourth brother's warnings, the third brother proceeded to recite a sacred chant, intending to bring the lion back to life. In a sudden turn of events, the lion was indeed resurrected, only to devour all three brothers.
"So, Vikram, can you tell me who among the siblings possessed the greatest wisdom?" Betal inquired.
Vikram contemplated the question before responding, "The one who attempted to dissuade his brothers from their course of action. He possessed the wisdom and common sense to foresee the dire consequences that awaited them. In contrast, the other three brothers lacked the discernment to envision the potential outcomes of their actions."
Upon hearing the correct answer, Betal swiftly retreated back to his dwelling within the tree trunk.
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