Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Chandrahridaya, there ruled a King named Randhir. The land was plagued by a sudden surge in robberies, despite the King's relentless efforts to suppress the menace. Determined to put an end to the thievery, King Randhir resolved to personally capture the thief. Disguising himself as a common man, he patrolled the town vigilantly. His perseverance bore fruit when he apprehended not just a single thief, but an entire gang responsible for the robberies.
As the captured thief was paraded through the town, the daughter of a trader caught sight of him and fell deeply in love. The trader's daughter pleaded with her father to spare the thief's life, moved by her affection for him. However, King Randhir remained resolute in his decision to punish the criminals, and he did not agree to spare the thief. The following day, the thief was taken for execution. Upon learning about the trader's daughter and her love for him, the thief's emotions took a sudden turn. First, he burst into laughter, and then tears streamed down his face.
"Can you tell Vikram why the thief laughed and then cried?" Betal inquired.
Vikram pondered the question before responding, "The thief initially laughed out of pity, realizing that such a kind-hearted girl had fallen in love with someone with a criminal past like his own. However, his subsequent tears stemmed from the regret that if such a wonderful girl had entered his life earlier, he would never have embarked on the path that led him to his impending execution."
Upon hearing the correct answer, Betal swiftly retreated back to his abode within the tree trunk.
Moral: Love has the power to transform and redeem even the most troubled hearts.