This poem is not part of the facebook presentation by Simran Jain.

In a cozy kitchen, where laughter's heard,
A happy cat sat, without a single word.
Perched on a frying pan, shiny and bright,
She bathed in the warmth of the golden light.

Her whiskers twitched with joy, eyes gleaming wide,
A playful spirit, she couldn't hide.
With paws so nimble, she balanced with grace,
On that sleek pan, her favorite resting place.

Oh, the wonders she witnessed from her perch,
The sizzle of mustard seeds, the aroma's lurch.
She watched as vegetables danced and twirled,
Bathed in the flavors that kissed the world.

The clatter of spatulas, pans on the stove,
Melodies that inspired her feline trove.
Curiosity sparked in her emerald gaze,
As culinary magic filled those kitchen days.

A contented purr escaped her furry chest,
Her heart aglow, feeling truly blessed.
For in this kitchen, love always grew,
And happiness flourished, as if on cue.

The cat on the frying pan, forever at ease,
A symbol of joy, a moment to seize.
Her presence a reminder, simple and true,
To find bliss in everyday things we do.

So, let us learn from this radiant feline,
To embrace life's moments, both big and fine.
For even on a frying pan, dreams can take flight,
And happiness can be found in the simplest of sights.