Published: 25 Dec 2023 1 PM Updated: 25 Dec 2023 1 PM

பக்திக்கு ஒரு கூரத்தாழ்வார்! = Kūrathazhwār, The Exemplar of Bakthi

சக்தி விகடன் டீம்  =  Sakthi Vikatan Team

The machine translation was edited by Veeraswamy Krishnaraj


1. Nighttime. The temple bell rang as a sign of the worship of Lord Ranganāthar. At once Azhwar's wife thought in her mind, 'Ranga, you get the Naivēdyam (food offering made to a deity) on time without a miss. Today my husband and I are starving!' she thought in her mind and worshipped Rangan.

2. Srīvatsānkar, a rich man lived in a town called Kūram near Kanchipuram. His wife Andal and he, the divinely couple as their primary service, gave Annadhānam (free food) to the devotees who came to Kanchipuram. Perumdēvi Thāyār, the divinely wife of Kāñchi’s Lord Vardar, approached Thirukkacchi Nambi and with surprise, made enquiries of the Annadhānam and the wealth of Kūrathāzvār.

3. Knowing this enquiry, Srīvatsānkar, for fear of becoming egotistical because of wealth, donated all his wealth as a gift to charitable deeds and worshipped Acharya Ramanuja as his guru. Though he was 8 years older than Ramanuja, Kūrathazhwār lived as his Dāsa (disciple).

4. Once Kūrathāzhwār went to Thiruvarangam from Kūram with his wife to have darshan of Ramanuja. Then the fear of thieves struck him on the way. Kūrathazhwār thought to himself, 'If there is weight (valuable objects) in your lap, you are afraid.' He asked his wife if she had anything valuable with her. When Andal told him that she had a gold eating bowl, Kūrathazhwār took it, threw it away and continued the journey. Those who came to Srirangam stayed there for some time, and spent the days daily singing the praises of Arangan on the street, seeking biksha (begging for food) and eating the gleaned grains (Unjavritti).

5. It was raining hard one day. Kūrathazhwār could not go to Unjavritti that day. 'This is also the lord's work, they thought, and spent the day drinking just water. Nighttime. The bell sounded in the temple as a sign of the worship of Lord Ranganatha. At once Azhwar's wife said, 'Ranga, you get the Naivēdyam (food) regularly. Today my husband and I are starving!' she thought in her mind and worshipped Rangan.

6. Immediately, SrīRanganāthar ordered to send the Naivēdyam offered to him to the place where Kūrathazhwār was. The prasadam came to the devotees. He was amazed. He said to his wife, 'Have you complained to the Lord that we are starving today?' When she said, 'Yes,' he was touched by Rangan's blessings for not tolerating the hunger of his devotee.