Aesop's Fables are like a treasure trove of stories told by a guy named Aesop, who lived in ancient Greece a long time ago, around 620 to 564 BCE. These stories have traveled through time in lots of different ways, popping up in books, movies, and even cartoons today.

Back then, Aesop didn't write down his stories. They were passed along by people telling them to each other. It wasn't until about 300 years after Aesop's time that someone wrote them down. During those years, people added more stories to the collection, some even coming from places outside of Greece!

People in different countries and languages liked Aesop's stories so much that they wrote them down in Latin, Greek, and even in their own languages. When printing was invented, Aesop's Fables were some of the first books printed, spreading his stories far and wide.

Originally, these stories were meant for grown-ups and talked about all sorts of stuff like religion, society, and politics. But as time went on, they became super popular for teaching kids important lessons too. You might even find Aesop's stories in your school books!

Artists also liked Aesop's stories, and they made paintings and sculptures about them. Some stories even turned into plays and songs! Over time, people have changed how they understand these stories, finding new meanings and ways to tell them.

So, Aesop's Fables have been around for a really long time, teaching lessons and entertaining people all over the world!