Veeraswamy Krishnaraj
The Dog Rolls a Log in the Fog.
Logrolling on land by dogs as a canine sport has been in vogue in Misty Meadows from the time settlers began arriving. The denizens of foggy bottom, some chosen representatives and senators were invited to watch the logrolling.

1. In the quaint town of Misty Meadows, where fog danced whimsically through the streets like a mischievous ghost, there lived a dog named Barkley who had a peculiar talent – he could roll logs with unmatched finesse. Now, this wasn’t just any ordinary skill; it was an art form in Misty Meadows, where the annual Log Rolling Festival was the highlight of the year. All dogs in Misty Meadows failed to roll lesser and smaller logs, except Barkley.

2. Barkley wasn’t your average pooch. With a shaggy coat that resembled a pile of autumn leaves and a mischievous glint in his eyes, he was a legend in the making. Every morning, rain or shine (smog or fog), Barkley would venture into the forest with his faithful companion, a chipmunk named Chester, in tow. Together, they would seek out the perfect log for Barkley to roll.

3. On one particularly foggy morning, Barkley and Chester set out on their quest. The mist hung thick in the air, obscuring everything in sight. But Barkley, with his keen sense of smell and Chester's chittering guidance, navigated through the forest with ease.

4. After much searching, they stumbled upon a knot-free grandest log they had ever seen. It was as wide as a wagon wheel and as tall as a tree. Barkley’s eyes lit up with excitement, and Chester let out a squeak of approval. This was the log they had been searching for.

5. With a determined bark, Barkley approached the mammoth log and, with all his might, gave it a mighty shove. To his surprise, the log didn’t budge. Undeterred, Barkley tried again, putting his back into it and pushing with all his canine strength. Still, the log remained stubbornly unmoved.

6. Frustration bubbled up inside Barkley, but Chester, ever the optimist, chirped encouragement from the sidelines. And then, in a stroke of genius (or perhaps madness), Barkley had an idea. With a mischievous glint in his eye, he motioned for Chester to climb atop the log.

7. With Chester perched precariously on the summit, Barkley took a few steps back, sizing up his target. And then, with a running start, he launched himself at the log, crashing into it with all the force of a runaway carriage. The log teetered, it wobbled, and then, with a mighty groan, it began to roll. On that day as it was customary, denizens of foggy bottom from Washington D.C. representatives and senators assembled at the edge of the forest to witness the event along with the people from Misty Meadows.

8. Through the foggy forest it went, Barkley barking triumphantly as Chester clung on for dear life. It was a sight to behold – a dog and his chipmunk companion, rolling a log through the mist like a pair of fearless adventurers.

9. And as they emerged from the forest, victorious and covered in mud, the townsfolk of Misty Meadows cheered and applauded. For Barkley had once again proven that in a town shrouded in fog, anything was possible – even a dog rolling a log with the help of his trusty chipmunk friend.