The story of the crows in the forest losing their eggs to a cobra and how thy solved the problem.

Once upon a time, in a dense forest, there was a deadly cobra who had been stealing the eggs of a crow family for a long time. The crows were devastated and did not know what to do. They were unable to leave the forest, and the cobra w23-05CrowsEagleFoxJewelas becoming bolder with each passing day.

One day, an eagle landed on the tree where the crows lived. The crows seized the opportunity and told the eagle about their predicament. The eagle listened intently and advised them to seek the guidance of the fox.

The crows followed the eagle's advice and waited until the fox passed by their tree. They explained their problem to the fox, who then told them to steal the queen's gold and gem necklace that she left on the lakeside while taking a bath. The fox instructed the crows to drop the necklace in the snake hole, which would lead to the cobra's demise.

The crows were hesitant at first, but they trusted the fox and did as they were told. One of them flew to the lakeside and stole the queen's necklace while the guards were not watching. Then, they flew to the cobra's hole and dropped the necklace inside.

The royal dog, at the command of the guards, followed the crows into the jungle and saw one of them drop the necklace in the cobra hole. The guards quickly demolished the cobra's tower and beat the cobra to death. They retrieved the jewel and returned it to the queen.

Meanwhile, the eagle watched the whole scene unfold and saw the cobra meet its demise. The eagle swooped down and ate the dead cobra. The crows were overjoyed and thanked the eagle and the fox for their help. They lived happily in the forest and raised many generations of crow babies.

From that day on, the crows and the eagle became close friends, and the fox became a trusted advisor. The forest was now a safer place for all the animals, and they could live in peace without the fear of the deadly cobra.