The lion befriends the mouse, which releases him from a net. 
Once upon a time, in the heart of the jungle, there was a fierce and mighty lion on the prowl for his lunch. As he stalked his prey, he got entangled in a large net that had been set up by hunters. The lion struggled and thrashed about, but to no avail. He was stuck, and there seemed to be no way out.

The lion remained trapped in the net for the whole day, feeling defeated and helpless. But as the sun began to set, a small mouse happened to pass by and saw the lion caught in the net. Curious and concerned, the mouse approached the lion and asked him why he seemed so quiet and downcast.

The lion explained his situation, and the mouse was quick to offer his help. However, the mouse was hesitant at first, fearing that the lion might harm him once he was free. But the lion assured him that he had no intention of hurting the mouse, and that he had a big heart for all the little creatures in the forest.

The mouse trusted the lion and got to work, gnawing at the net to create a hole big enough for the lion to escape. And soon enough, the lion was free, roaring with joy and gratitude.

To show his appreciation, the lion invited the mouse to run all over his body, proving that he had no intention of harming him. The mouse felt safe and happy, and they became the best of friends.

The lion took the mouse to his cave, where his family was waiting anxiously for his return. The lion introduced the mouse to his wife and children, and they all had a joyful supper together.

However, their happiness was short-lived when the king and his hunting party arrived and captured the lion, his wife, and their cubs. They were taken to a private royal jungle habitat in the palace grounds, where they were housed inside a steel wire fence with a tall roof, unable to escape.

But the mouse refused to abandon his friend, and he moved in with the lion family, providing them with comfort and support. The princess, who had a soft spot for the mouse, took him into the palace as her pet.

However, the mouse was determined to help the lion family regain their freedom. He spoke to the princess, and she promised to help them. They waited patiently for months, and finally, the princess was able to persuade her father, the king, to release the lions into the nearby forest where they were caught.

The mouse was overjoyed, and he announced the good news to the lion family. They were finally free, and they could once again roam the jungle as they pleased. The mouse bid a tearful goodbye to the princess, but he knew that he had helped his friend, the king of the jungle, to live free once again.

And so, the lion and the mouse remained the best of friends, proving that even the smallest of creatures can help the mightiest of beasts.