A revered guru and his devoted disciples were engrossed in a lively conversation. One disciple, brimming with curiosity, turned to the guru and respectfully inquired, "Dear Guru! In the previous Ashram, your former disciples speak of you as a remarkable warrior who earned recognition in numerous foreign lands. Is this account true?"
The guru replied with a serene nod, "Indeed, it is true. However, those were the days of yore. I have since relinquished the path of wielding weapons."
Intrigued, the disciple further queried, "Is war inherently wrong? Should we forsake the use of weapons altogether?"
The guru gently clarified, "My argument is not that war itself is wrong. Instead, I came to realize that sharp intellect and inner serenity serve as the most potent weapons."
Though the disciples listened attentively, a seed of doubt lingered within their hearts. They resolved to test the guru's claim and devised a plan.
Two disciples schemed to launch a surprise attack from opposite sides while the guru immersed himself in meditation. Their intention was to observe his response and gauge the truth of his words.
The following day, after their session, the two disciples stealthily concealed themselves, awaiting the opportune moment. Moments later, with determination, they lunged at the guru from both sides.
Unperturbed, the guru, still deep in meditation, gracefully shifted forward and subtly tilted his head. As the disciples charged towards him, they collided with each other, tumbling to the floor in a tangled heap. Unfazed, the guru continued his meditation, seemingly unaffected by the event.
Such was the fame of this remarkable guru that one of his former disciples paid him a visit. After exchanging pleasantries, the old disciple expressed a pressing confusion that troubled his mind.
Curious, the guru inquired, "What seems to be bothering you?"
The disciple respectfully shared his dilemma, saying, "I diligently practice the meditation techniques taught by you, and it brings me profound mental peace and heightened intellectual clarity."
The guru nodded with a smile, acknowledging the disciple's experience.
However, the disciple continued, "Yet, when I am not engaged in meditation, I find myself doubting whether I am truly a virtuous person. Occasionally, I make mistakes, and this realization belittles me."
Amused, the guru chuckled and replied, "Ah, my dear disciple, you engage in meditation and still falter at times."
Puzzled, the disciple sought clarification, "Is that not wrong?"
The guru's eyes twinkled with wisdom as he responded, "No, my dear disciple. Continue your daily meditation practice, and yes, continue making mistakes as well. Eventually, one of them will cease to exist."
Perplexed, the disciple inquired, "But what if the mistakes persist while my meditation dwindles?"
The guru's voice resonated with assurance as he gently imparted his wisdom, "Fear not, for that too shall serve a purpose. It will illuminate your true nature and reveal what lies within."
With these profound words, the guru guided his disciple toward a deeper understanding, empowering him to embrace the journey of self-discovery with unwavering determination.