In his heart, he nurtured a dream, envisioning a day when he would be granted an interview with God Himself.
"You wish to interview me," came the gentle voice.
"Yes, if it pleases You," he replied, humbly.
"In truth, time knows no bounds for Me. I am eternal," God replied, His smile inviting the man inside.
Curiosity burning within him, the interviewer posed his first question, "What aspect of mankind surprises You the most?"
God pondered for a moment before responding, "Man yearns to grow up quickly, leaving behind the innocence of childhood. But once grown, he often behaves like a child for a prolonged period."
"He sacrifices his well-being for the pursuit of wealth, only to spend that wealth in an attempt to regain his health."
"Worrying endlessly about the future, he neglects the present, thereby forsaking both."
"He lives as if to avoid death, yet he fails to truly live."
God's hands shifted slightly, ushering a brief moment of silence.
The interviewer pressed on, eager to hear the wisdom of the universal Father, "What advice do You have for Your children?"
Once again, silence embraced the space, broken only by a flicker of a smile on God's face.
"Do not strive to please everyone. Instead, strive to improve your own behavior so that others may naturally be drawn to you."
"The true value of a man's life lies not in what he accumulates, but in how he acquires it."
"Avoid comparing yourself to others, for true richness lies in contentment with minimal needs."
"A single moment can wound someone dear to you deeply, and it takes years to heal such wounds. Expressing sentiments of love and care to our loved ones often eludes us."
"Money, contrary to popular belief, cannot buy happiness."
"Recognize that each person carries a unique perspective on matters of life."
"A genuine friend stands by their companion through all circumstances, embracing their flaws and virtues alike."
"Forgiving others is essential, but equally important is the ability to forgive oneself."
"Words and actions may fade from memory, but the impact they have on others lingers eternally."
A twinkle in God's eyes signaled the end of the interview. The man awoke from his dream, touched by the profound insights he had encountered.