23-29SpeechThe MirrorOfYourMind
Once upon a time in a picturesque town, an elderly man dutifully stood as the guardian of its entrance, ensuring that only authorized individuals were granted passage. One day, a young rider approached on horseback and halted before the old man.
Curiosity filling his voice, the youth inquired, "How are the townspeople?"
Without skipping a beat, the guard responded, "Why do you ask, my friend? Are you planning to relocate here?"
The youth nodded affirmatively. "Indeed, sir. The town I resided in previously was plagued by strife and animosity. People were always quick to engage in conflicts and speak ill of one another. Desperate to escape such hostility, I hurriedly departed. But tell me, how is this town?"
With a heavy sigh, the old man cautioned, "My brother, this town is even more troubled than your previous one. Competition, jealousy, caste conflicts, and riots are sadly prevalent here. If peace is what you seek, I fear this town will not suit you."
Respecting the advice given, the youth thanked the guard and proceeded on his way, choosing not to enter the town's confines.
Soon after, another person approached the entrance, posing the same question to the vigilant guard.
The man inquired, "Dear sir, I have intentions of both residing and conducting business in this town. Could you kindly enlighten me about the nature of its inhabitants?"
Without delay, the guard inquired, "Are you married?"
The man nodded, replying, "Yes, I am. I have a loving spouse and two children."
Puzzled, the guard questioned further, "Then why, dear friend, would you wish to come to this town? It may be wiser for you to remain in your current location and pursue your business there."
Tears welled up in the man's eyes as he sobbed, "You see, my town is burdened with immense poverty. In order to provide for my family and secure a livelihood, I yearn to establish myself in this town. Once I have amassed enough wealth, my plan is to return to my hometown."
Moved by the man's plight, the guard offered words of comfort, saying, "Do not despair, my friend. The people of this town are genuinely good-hearted. With your determination and perseverance, you can undoubtedly succeed in your business endeavors." With that, he swung open the gates, allowing the man to enter the city.
Observing the exchange between the guard and the man, a bystander couldn't contain his curiosity and approached the wise old man. He posed a thought-provoking question, "You told the first man that this town is plagued by troubles, yet you assured the second man that it is a good town. Why such contradicting statements?"
Smiling knowingly, the wise old man replied, "Dear sir, this world is akin to a mirror. It merely reflects back to us what we project onto it."