Once upon a time, two Zen ascetics found themselves seeking shelter from a relentless downpour in a humble hut. After waiting out the rain, they resumed their journey toward their intended destination. As they walked, they came across a young and graceful maiden standing helplessly at a flooded road, her hopes of crossing dashed by the muddy and treacherous path before her.

Moved by compassion, one of the Zen ascetics approached the young woman and kindly inquired, "Greetings, young lady! What seems to be the matter? Do you require any assistance?"

With a hint of sadness in her voice, the young woman responded, "I was on my way to attend my friend's wedding, but this road has been transformed into a quagmire. If I continue, my new silk dress will surely be ruined." Her face reflected her disappointment.

Seeking to alleviate her concerns, the benevolent ascetic reassured her, "Worry not. Climb upon my shoulders, and I shall carry you safely to your destination." True to his word, he fulfilled his promise and gently bore her across the flooded road.

As they made their return journey, the beneficial  ascetic noticed an expression of anger on his companion's face. Curiosity tugging at his being, he questioned his companion about the source of his ire.

In a tone filled with disapproval, the other ascetic admonished, "Do you not realize that we are ascetics? How could you touch the young maiden, let alone lift and carry her? Have you not considered the impropriety of your actions?"

With serene tranquility, the benevolent ascetic responded, "I have already placed the young maiden safely on solid ground. Yet, you continue to carry her within your mind, clinging to judgments and attachments."

Just as we sometimes carry the wounds inflicted by others in our minds, we often bear the weight of what is inconsequential. Once we gain clarity about what truly matters and what does not, our lives can be filled with true bliss and contentment.