In a small village in Japan, there once lived a group of nine troublesome thieves who brought chaos and distress to the local inhabitants. Frustrated and desperate for a solution, the villagers decided to seek help from a renowned Zen swordsman who resided in a neighboring village.
The Zen swordsman, known for his mastery of the martial arts and his profound spiritual wisdom, was brought to the village. Upon his arrival, he requested the villagers to bring him a humble cup of cooked rice. With grace and tranquility, he drew his gleaming sword from its scabbard and gently placed it before him. Using his chopsticks, he skillfully consumed the rice, savoring each bite.
Unbeknownst to the villagers, the nine thieves had discovered the presence of the Zen master and silently gathered behind the house, plotting their mischievous intentions. Little did they know that the Zen master was aware of their presence, for his wisdom extended far beyond the physical realm.
As the Zen master continued to eat his rice, a swarm of flies began to hover above his head. In a display of remarkable dexterity and precision, the Zen warrior swiftly struck down each fly with his chopsticks. Without even sparing a glance at the insects, he flawlessly eliminated them one by one, never once missing his mark.
With nine attempts, there were nine resounding successes, and the flies fell lifeless to the ground. As the Zen master turned his gaze, his eyes met an empty space where the nine thieves had stood just moments ago. Like shadows dissipating into thin air, the thieves had vanished from sight, never to be seen in the village again.
The villagers were astounded by the Zen master's remarkable display of skill and presence of mind. They marveled at the wisdom and power that resided within him. From that day forward, peace and tranquility reigned in the village, and the memory of the nine troublesome thieves became nothing more than a fading whisper of the past.