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Paan Supari = Paan = Betel leaf =
Piper betel.     Supari =Betel Nut = Areca nut. Basic ingredients: The leaf-the flakes or strands of areca nut and  a dash of lime. The nut and the lime are spread on the leaf and the leaf is deftly wrapped, fastened with a clove and chewed. Other condiemts are added.
1. Emperor Akbar had a habit of chewing betel leaves, and he particularly enjoyed the paan prepared by Shaukat Ali. Akbar often praised Ali, stating that the paan he crafted was exceptional. Upon such occasions, Shaukat Ali greeted Akbar, expressing his artistry in making paan and considering it a privilege to prepare it for the emperor.
2. Akbar, impressed by Ali's skills, started taking him wherever he went. Three years passed with this arrangement.
3. One day, Ali accidentally added an excessive amount of lime to the paan, resulting in Akbar's burnt tongue. Irritated, Akbar spat out the paan, criticizing Ali for his constant bragging about being the best at making paan. Akbar questioned Ali's expertise and angrily ordered him to fetch a bag full of lime.
4. Trembling with fear, Ali followed the order and bought the lime. Maheshdas, who witnessed this, inquired about the excessive lime. Ali explained the situation, and Mahesh advised him to drink a stomach full of ghee before facing the emperor.
5. Mahesh's advice left Ali concerned about becoming overweight, but he complied for just one day.
6. Believing there was a reason behind Mahesh's suggestion, Ali drank a cup of ghee, filled his stomach, and approached the emperor.
7. Akbar scolded Ali for the delay in bringing the lime, then ordered a guard to take him out, put all the lime in his mouth, and make him swallow it. Ali, realizing the severity of the punishment, collapsed in pain.
8. When Akbar saw Ali in distress, he asked if he was dead. Ali, struggling to stand, explained that he survived because of the ghee he consumed.
9. Akbar questioned Mahesh's involvement, thinking it was Birbal's idea. Mahesh clarified that he advised Ali to eat ghee to minimize the harm caused by swallowing lime.
10. Birbal was brought in, and he explained that he suggested ghee to spare Ali from severe punishment, considering Akbar's love for Ali's paan.
11. Akbar, impressed by Birbal's argument, acknowledged the unjust punishment and forgave Ali, emphasizing that a small mistake should not overshadow three years of excellent paan making. He then instructed Ali to go away.