Akbar was the emporor and Birbal was a close advisor.
Depletion of animals from forest by hunting is equated to depletion of the property of the bride's father by dowry demands by the groom or groom's family.
Inspiration:  சிறுவர் மலர் - Siruvar kathaikal, Tamil Kids Stories, Siru Kathaigal, தமிழ் சிறுவர் கதைகள், சிறுகதைகள் (siruvarmalar.com)
1. Of all those in Akbar's court, Birbal was the only one worthy of Akbar's affection. Because of this, many in the Darbar were jealous of Birbal.
2. One day, the envious individuals conspired against Birbal, aiming to tarnish his good name. As they brainstormed ideas, Dawood claimed to have a brilliant plan to humiliate Birbal.
3. "The emperor won't believe anything negative about Birbal!" When doubts were raised, Dawood emphatically asserted, "The choice of words is crucial to convince the emperor." Others immediately encouraged Dawood.
4. "For my plan to succeed, you must do one thing for me!" Dawood declared. "What is it?" others asked.
5. "Tomorrow, all of you should arrive at the Darbar at the appointed time. Only I will be late. When the emperor asks, say, 'Dawood witnessed a terrible crime and it affected his mind, making him late.' Then I will show up and explain," said Dawood.
6. Everyone agreed and returned home. The next day, the durbar convened. Everyone, including Birbal, arrived on time, except Dawood. When Akbar entered, everyone stood up and saluted, while Akbar smiled and took his seat, observing everyone.
7. Someone then spoke up, "Lord! Dawood has requested permission to arrive late today!" Akbar inquired, "Why is he late?" The response came, "He witnessed a terrible crime, affecting his mind. That's why he'll be a little late."
8. After a while, Dawood entered the assembly hall. Akbar looked at him and asked, "You witnessed a terrible crime?" Dawood confirmed, "Yes, sir! A crime involving Birbal!"
9. "What, Birbal?" Akbar asked in surprise. "Yes, Lord! Let me tell you what I saw. Yesterday evening, as I was returning home, Birbal was a short distance ahead. He picked up a gold necklace from the ground, looked around, put it in his bag, and left. Later, a worried young man asked if anyone had seen his lost gold necklace. I wanted to tell him the truth, but he had already left," Dawood narrated convincingly.
10. Akbar angrily shouted, "Birbal, is this true?" Birbal replied, "No, Lord! I was there, but nothing like that happened."
11. Dawood insisted, "Birbal is feigning innocence! I am telling the truth!" Akbar challenged, "How can I believe you without other witnesses?"
12. Dawood suggested a test, "Let me bring a red-hot iron rod. If Birbal is truthful, it won't burn him!" Akbar turned to Birbal, saying, "You must undergo this truth test to prove your innocence."
13. Birbal quickly responded, "Lord! I'm ready for the truth test, but Dawood must also prove his accusations. He should hold the molten iron rod first and then give it to me." Dawood hesitated, exclaiming, "I can't do that!" He eventually confessed, "Lord! Please forgive me. It wasn't Birbal; I made up the story." Akbar ordered Dawood's arrest and apologized to Birbal for doubting him.