Akbar was the emporor and Birbal was a close advisor.

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1. One day, Emperor Akbar addressed the gathering in the Durbar, "Are the trials in our courts conducted fairly?" he asked. “Very well done, Lord! Our judge does not discriminate between rich and poor and delivers justice fairly!” praised an officer.

2. Then everyone in the Durbar approved it, and the judge felt pleased with himself. However, Akbar noticed that only Birbal remained silent and said, “Birbal! Why are you silent? Do you think what others have said is completely wrong?” he asked.

3. “I wouldn't say it is completely wrong. But I would say that our prosecutions and justice delivery are unsatisfactory," said Birbal. When Akbar was about to ask him for a further explanation, the gatekeeper entered and said, “Lord! An old man and a young man have come asking for justice," he said. "Get them!" said Akbar.

4. Immediately, an old man and a young man entered the Durbar and bowed to the emperor. "What is the matter? What is wrong with any of you?” Akbar asked. “Lord! My name is Abdul Rahman,” the old man introduced himself and continued, “I am a legal expert! I teach the students about the intricacies of law and litigation.

5. Here stands Pramod Bihari! He was my student! I am here accusing him." Akbar asked about the crime committed by the young man. “Lord! When he wanted tutelage under me, I told him that he should pay tuition fees in three gold coins a month to me as his instructor-guru and study law for a year.

6. But he said that he was very poor and could not afford to pay fees. After completing his studies and becoming a lawyer, he promised to give me thirty-six gold coins if he won his first case. Trusting that, I taught him for a year.

7. As he is a very intelligent student, he has learned the finer points of law very well within a year." "I also believed that Bihari would become a lawyer, win the first case and give the entire fees in a lump sum," the old man stopped.

8. "Are you cheating by not paying him now?" Akbar asked. “No Lord! He suddenly abandoned the idea of working as a lawyer. Not going to be in that business!” said the law teacher. At once Akbar asked the young man, "Why have you changed your mind?"

9. The young law graduate said, “Lord! When I finished law school, I was going to be a lawyer. But my paternal uncle died suddenly. He has made me the heir of all his properties in his will. Now I am a millionaire. So there is no need for me to do any work,” he said.

10. "Then what about your guru’s Dakshina?" Akbar asked. “I will keep my promise. "If I feel that I want to become a lawyer, then only I can give Dakshina to my guru," he said.

11. Akbar thought Pramod Bihari was right. He immediately asked the judge to give a verdict. The judge said to both, “I have carefully observed the arguments of both parties. According to me, Pramod Bihari is right in this case. He has assured in this Durbar that he will keep his promise.

12. The jdge declared, ‘’The guru must accept Bihari’s word, until the latter decides to earn money by practicing law and pay off his debt to the guru. Until then, the guru must wait. That is my judgment.” Everyone in the Durbar, including Akbar, applauded the verdict. The old man, who did not expect this, collapsed in his seat due to disappointment and grief.

13. But Akbar noticed that Birbal was the only one not appreciative of the verdict and was very silent and asked Birbal to review the verdict. Hearing that, the old man's face lit up. He was sure that Birbal, who was very intelligent, would give the right judgment.

14. Birbal said to the young man, "You are sure of your promise, aren't you?" said. “What doubt about that? "Surely, I will definitely give the Dakshina to my Gurunath from the income earned from it," said the young man.

15. Then to the old man, “Didn't you agree to Bihari's condition in the beginning?” asked Birbal "Yes sir!" said the old man.

16. “Then justice is on the side of the youth according to the law. You must wait until he wins the case and gives the money," said Birbal. After bowing to Birbal and Akbar as he staggered out, the young Bihari left triumphantly.

17. Suddenly Birbal called Bihari and said, “Bihari! This is your first case in the emperor’s court! "You have presented your case beautifully without appointing another lawyer to try your case," said Birbal. Bihari happily said, “Thank you, sir!”

18. Birbal continued, “It means that in your first case, you were a lawyer and won it. Isn't it?” asked Birbal. “Yes sir!” said Bihari happily.

19. “So this is your first successful case as a lawyer! As you promised, give the Gurudakshina (fees) to your guru right here,” said Birbal.

20. Everyone was stunned for a moment and clapped and cheered the next moment. While the old teacher thanked Birbal profusely, Akbar embraced Birbal with great joy.