Akbar was the emporor and Birbal was a close advisor.

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1. One day, while Emperor Akbar presided over his council, a young man approached him and bowed humbly, “Who are you? What do you want?" inquired the emperor.
2. “Lord! My name is Maheshdas! I hail from a hamlet and have come seeking employment,” replied Mahesh.
3. "Who told you that you can secure a job here?" questioned Akbar.
4. “My teacher told me, he was astonished by my intellect and assured me that I would find the job I deserve. Trusting his words, I journeyed a long way from my village to find you," explained Mahesh.
5. “Teachers often think highly of their students. You can only obtain a job if you truly possess intelligence,” remarked Akbar.
6. “Lord! I am a hundred times more deserving than you may expect!” Mahesh declared proudly.
7. "Then prove it!" challenged Akbar.
8. “Lord! Will you grant me a reward before I demonstrate my abilities?” inquired Mahesh.
9. “Prove your mettle first! Then we can discuss the reward,” retorted Akbar.
10. “The gift I seek will not cost you a penny!” Mahesh insisted.
11. "What kind of gift is that?" questioned Akbar.
12. "Give me thirty lashes!" shockingly requested Mahesh. The assembly, including Akbar, was taken aback by his perverse demand.
13. "Why? Are you mad?" exclaimed an angered Akbar.
14. “You'll understand later! Please grant my request!” pleaded Mahesh.
15. Without hesitation, Akbar instructed a guard to bring a whip. He then whispered to the guard, “Don't actually hit him! Just act like you are hitting him!”
16. Mahesh pointed to his back and directed the guard, “You start hitting!” Mahesh endured ten pretend lashes, shouting “Stop!” Then, standing up, he addressed Akbar, “Lord! I have received my share of the reward. Now share the rest with your two main gatekeepers!”
17. Confused, Akbar asked, "What are you talking about?"
18. Mahesh urged Akbar to summon the gatekeepers. When they arrived, Mahesh declared, “Comrades! Didn't I promise that the three of us would share the emperor’s gift? I have earned my share. Now, claim your share."  (The two palace guards stopped Mahesh earlier at the palace gate. Mahesh promised them that he would share with them the gift he would get from the emporor. That promise of the gift prompted the guards to let Mahesh enter the palace.)
19. The two guards, eagerly awaiting the reward, received ten actual lashes each on their backs. As they screamed in agony, Akbar, unimpressed, declared, “This moment, I will dismiss you (the guards)!” Turning to Mahesh, he acknowledged, “You have proven yourself to be clever! I hereby name you Birbal and appoint you to the highest position in this council.”