Akbar was the emporor and Birbal was a close advisor.

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1. Once, during an exceptionally harsh summer, when rivers, lakes, and wells went dry, and the scorching heat forced people to stay indoors, Emperor Akbar decided to take a walk early in the morning. Accompanied by some officials, he was joined by his witty advisor Birbal. As they strolled through the deserted streets, Akbar couldn't help but express his concerns about the severity of the summer.
2. During their walk, they came across a well. Akbar, aware of the rumors about the capital's wells being dry, suggested checking this one. Approaching the well, he contemplated its depth. Birbal, overhearing the conversation, proposed a practical solution. "Throw a stone into the well, and if there's water, it will splash upon impact," he advised. Following Birbal's suggestion, Akbar tossed a stone, and the echoing sound confirmed the well's dry state.
3. Unfazed, Akbar decided to test the well further. Ignoring the saying that one should not throw even a single stone into a well, he boldly threw his diamond ring into it, stunning everyone present. Birbal questioned the emperor's action, highlighting that a diamond is, after all, a type of stone. This led to a philosophical debate about the nature of stones and their inherent value.
4. Intrigued, Akbar challenged his courtiers to retrieve the diamond ring without going down the well. The dignitaries insisted it was impossible, and even Birbal took a moment to ponder. Amidst playful banter with a courtier named Mittalal, Birbal proudly announced that he had a solution.
5. Birbal ingeniously threw cow dung on top of the diamond ring in the well, creating a unique situation. He then tied a string to a nearby tree, attached a stone at one end, and threw it onto the cow dung, embedding the ordinary stone and the diamond ring. Satisfied with his plan, Birbal instructed the royal guards to keep watch, had dinner, and went to sleep.
6. The next evening, Birbal returned to the well. The dung had dried up, firmly securing the diamond ring and the stone. With careful precision, Birbal pulled up the thread, bringing the dung-encased treasures with it. After cleaning the ring, he proudly presented it to Emperor Akbar in the palace Durbar.
7. Amazed, Akbar questioned how Birbal managed to retrieve the ring without going down the well. Birbal, with a triumphant smile, explained that he had proven nothing is impossible with clever thinking. Impressed by Birbal's ingenuity, Akbar rewarded him with a bag full of gold coins, acknowledging his unmatched wit and problem-solving skills.