1. .One morning, Akbar paced on his portico, and the flower garden drew his attention. It was spring, and upon entering the garden, he found trees and plants brimming with flowers of different colors. The breeze grazed him, offering comfort and a sense of floatation, accompanied by a fragrance that made him feel tender. While strolling in the garden, absorbed in the ambiance, he accidentally bumped into a stray stone, causing him to bleed from the right big toe. All the salubrious thoughts that had filled his mind vanished in an instant, replaced by anger and irascibility. He shouted, "Where is the gardener? Come to me from wherever you are."
2. The gardener, however, was in the toolshed retrieving a spade and did not hear the royal call. Since there was no response, Akbar's anger heightened. Upon reaching the palace, he informed the chief of guards about the incident and ordered the gardener to be hanged.
3. Hearing this, the chief of guards was surprised and saddened by the severity of the punishment for a minor lapse. Despite his astonishment, he did not question the emperor, withdrew from his presence, and went in search of the gardener with two guards. The gardener, upon seeing them, was shocked and inquired, "What is the matter, Sir?" The chief informed him of the emperor's decision, stating, "Since it was your fault, you will be hanged until death tomorrow morning."
4. The gardener trembled at the news of the death penalty, and his wife, in distress, pleaded with the chief, questioning the injustice of hanging for stubbing a toe. The chief, unable to change the decision, advised her to speak on her husband's behalf to the emperor.
5. Handcuffed, the gardener was taken away. His wife, with disheveled hair, ran to Birbal's house, pleading for her husband's release. Birbal, moved by her plea, assured her, "Do not worry. I will try to release your husband." He then proceeded towards the jailhouse.
6. Upon learning of the gardener's location, Birbal sought permission to meet the prisoner. Given his proximity to the emperor, the warden granted permission. Birbal encouraged the gardener and whispered something in his ear, reassuring him that following his advice would not lead to harm. Leaving the gardener in jail, Birbal prepared for the next day.
7. In the Durbar the next day, Akbar sat on his lion throne. The guards informed him that the gardener wished to see him before being hanged. Akbar agreed, and the prisoner entered, saluting the emperor and spitting in his presence.
8. Witnessing this act, Akbar displayed fierce anger. The gardener addressed him, highlighting the unfairness of a death penalty for a minor mistake. To protect Akbar from disparaging talk, he spat in the Durbar, ensuring that no blame would be cast on the emperor. Akbar, understanding the gardener's condemnation of the unjust punishment, realized someone had coached him.
9. Akbar questioned the gardener, who looked towards Birbal. Understanding the situation, Akbar thanked Birbal for preventing the mistake and announced the release of the gardener from the death penalty.