1. On that particular day, Emperor Akbar found himself irritable since morning for some unknown reason. Seeking to soothe his anger, Birbal respectfully said, “Lord, it's not beneficial for you to be in such a state. Could you not be a bit calmer?”
2. Akbar, feeling the need to assert control, responded sharply to Birbal's attempt at pacification, saying, "I know when to be calm and when to be angry. You don't have to tell me!" Birbal, trying to salvage the situation through flattery, remarked, "I didn't mean that, Lord! Your naturally beautiful face would look transformed!"
3. Interrupting Birbal, Akbar retorted, “How dare you call me a frown-face? I don't want to see your face anymore! Get out of sight!” Distraught upon hearing this, Birbal promptly left the place.
4. The next day at the Durbar, Akbar noticed Birbal's absence and inquired about him. Someone in the Durbar informed him, “Prabhu! Yesterday, you were angry with him and ordered him to leave the city and go somewhere where he would not be seen!”
5. Realizing the consequence of his harsh words, Akbar regretted, “Darn it! Is Birbal really gone?” Determined to rectify his mistake, Akbar spent the entire day contemplating where Birbal might have gone and how to bring him back.
6. Akbar summoned the minister immediately and conveyed, “Minister! Announce that a man should walk down the main road without an umbrella in the blazing midday sun. Spread the word that one hundred gold coins will be given to the one who accomplishes this!” The minister, following Akbar's instructions, made the announcement across the kingdom.
7. The people were surprised by Akbar's unusual request. Discussions ensued among them about who would take up this challenge. In a small village near the capital, a very poor man became excited upon hearing the news.
8. This man, who had never seen gold coins in his life, was thrilled by the possibility of receiving a hundred gold coins. Discussing it with his wife, she suggested, “Look at Virendran, who recently moved in! He seems highly intelligent. He will tell us how to do it.”
9. Seeking advice from Virendran, the poor man was told, “It's not difficult at all! Carry a chair or sofa over your head! The sun will not shine on you!” Delighted with the idea, the poor man exclaimed, “Ah! What a great idea! Why didn't anyone think of this!” He decided to go to the capital Agra the next day as suggested by Virendran.
10. Carrying a small couch on his head, the poor man reached Akbar's Durbar on foot and proudly announced, “Lord! I have walked here from my village in the scorching sun without an umbrella!” Impressed, Akbar asked, “Well done! How did you come up with this idea that no one else had?”
11. The poor man revealed, “Lord! It was actually my neighbor Virendran who gave me the idea!” Suspecting that Virendran was none other than Birbal, Akbar was overjoyed that his plan had worked. He declared, “I will give you one hundred gold coins as I announced. I will send two guards with you to take the money safely to your village.
12. Upon reaching your home, hand over that wise Virendra to the guards!” The poor man, accompanied by the two warriors, joyfully returned home. The guards took Virendran, whom the poor man had identified, back to Agra. When Virendran entered the Durbar, his face was covered with a bag. Akbar demanded, “Virendra! Why are you covering your face? Remove the bag!”
13. Virendran responded, “Lord! I am not Virender! I am Birbal! I have come covering my face according to your command that I should not show my face to you again!” Akbar, eager to see Birbal's face, went to him, removed the bag, and embraced Birbal with great affection.