1. The royal court was in session, and Akbar, seated on the lion-throne, received a caged parrot as a gift from a close friend. The vibrant green parrot flapped its wings and cried out, catching Akbar's attention. Delighted, Akbar turned to the audience and praised the beauty of the parrot.
2. Faiskhan, one of Akbar's officers, expressed admiration for the parrot, prompting Akbar to inquire about Faiskhan's knowledge of parrots. Faiskhan claimed to have raised fifteen parrots and praised Akbar's parrot to appease him.
3. Impressed, Akbar entrusted Faiskhan with the responsibility of caring for the parrot, warning that anyone reporting its death would face execution. Faiskhan, though initially disturbed, accepted the responsibility with a forced smile.
4. Taking the parrot home, Faiskhan faced resistance from his upset wife, who questioned the need for the bird. Faiskhan explained the emperor's directive, emphasizing the risk to his own life if anything happened to the parrot.
5. Despite the challenge, Faiskhan's wife took on the responsibility of caring for the parrot. One morning, Faiskhan discovered the lifeless parrot in a belly-up position in the cage. Panicking, he feared for his life, while his wife suggested seeking help from Birbal, a trusted advisor to Akbar.
6. Faiskhan rushed to Birbal, explaining the situation, and seeking a solution to save him from the emperor's wrath. Birbal, understanding the gravity of the situation, devised a plan. Together, they approached the emperor in the royal court.
7. Before Akbar could inquire about the matter, Birbal said to Akbar the parrot was practicing yoga (in a belly-up position).
Akbar, observing Birbal was babbling, declared the parrot was dead. Akbar yelled, ‘’Where is Faiskhan? I am going to sentence him to death.’’ Faiskhan came forward. Birbal intervened and said to Akbar, “Please forgive me for interrupting, Prabu! Do you remember what you said one day when you entrusted Faiskhan with the huge responsibility of raising this parrot?’’ You said, "Anyone who informs that this parrot is dead shall be punished with death." You are the one who said so just now!”