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A recluse held classes for his disciples in his monastery, where he shared inspirational stories and imparted valuable lessons. One such story emphasized the importance of maintaining self-confidence and mental fortitude when faced with adversity. The ascetic recounted the tale of an ant to his eager students.

In the story, an industrious ant carried a grain of rice in its tiny mouth. Along its journey, it encountered a fissure in the ground, rendering it unable to proceed. Perplexed by the obstacle, the ant paused, unsure of how to proceed. After a brief pause, the ant ingeniously placed the rice grain across the fissure, using it as a makeshift bridge to cross over. Once safely across, it retrieved the precious grain and continued on its way. The ascetic encouraged his pupils to emulate the ant's resilience, using challenges as bridges to progress in life. By adopting the ant's unwavering self-confidence, they could overcome any impediments they encountered. Having conveyed this valuable lesson, the ascetic concluded the day's teaching.

The following morning, the ascetic delved further into the ant's story. The self-assured ant, still carrying its rice grain, was heading towards its nest. As noon approached, a carefree grasshopper hopped about, singing joyful songs, obstructing the ant's path. Seeing the ant, the grasshopper urged it to pause and join in the merriment.

The ant, however, replied with wisdom, acknowledging that summer would soon give way to the rainy season. During the rainy season, venturing outside would be impossible, making it essential to gather enough food in advance. The grasshopper dismissed the ant's concerns, laughing off the idea that the rainy season was imminent and continued playing.

Time passed, and as predicted, the summer ended, and the rainy season arrived with great intensity. The ant remained sheltered, feasting on its stored provisions, while the grasshopper found itself drenched in the downpour, desperately searching for food. In its hour of desperation, the grasshopper remembered the ant and sought refuge in its home, pleading for sustenance.

The ant, displaying kindness, offered a morsel of its carefully hoarded food. With a lesson learned, the ant remarked, "You laughed at me on sunny days, and now you seek food from me during the rainy season. Our stored food has come to our rescue. Henceforth, you should also save food in the summer months to prepare for the rainy season."

The grasshopper realized the importance of diligence and hard work, regardless of the season. The ascetic concluded the story by emphasizing that diligent effort, though not immediately rewarding, would eventually yield benefits.

The moral of the story:

  1. We learn from the ant's dedication to its work.
  2. We should cultivate the habit of saving for the future.
  3. Anticipatory action plays a crucial role in life.
  4. It is always commendable to help those in need.
  5. The consequences of laziness, as suffered by the grasshopper, serve as a valuable lesson.