Inspiration & Credit: https://childhood-stories.com  Tamil stories

One day, an individual was walking along the road and saw a cat entangled and struggling in a bush and appeared stressed. He proceeded to help the cat. As he tried to release her from the bush, the cat scratched the helping hands of the good Samaritan, causing a wound.

Another person saw the individual suffer yet another scratch from the frightened cat. The witness suggested to the helper not to help the cat, and not to sustain any more lacerations of the hand, and the cat would release itself by its own effort in due course of time.  

But the good Samaritan paid no heed to the witness and continued his efforts to release the cat from the bush. Eventually he released the cat from the bush.  Later the good Samaritan told the witness, ‘’The cat is an animal and exhibited its animal quality. I am a human and therefore exhibited my human quality.’’ 


Love other as you love yourself.

Your objective and views, you make clear for yourself and act accordingly.

Do not pay heed to other people’s officious offer of advice.