A king who was losing the war fled from the battlefield and hid to save his life. Because the king had a smaller force, he couldn't achieve victory in the war. The enemy king had a larger force and easily won the battle. The victorious king ordered his men to kill the defeated king.

The vanquished king fled to a forest and took refuge in a decrepit cave. He appeared extremely anxious and unhappy about losing the battle, losing his spirit and courage to the enemy. As he reclined in the cave, he noticed another inhabitant in the cave, a spider.

The spider's actions caught his attention. In one corner of the ancient cave, the spider diligently worked on weaving its web but encountered difficulty anchoring the thread to the wall, causing it to fall to the floor. The spider repeated the process of spinning the web, tearing the thread, falling to the floor, and climbing the wall to repair the damage many times. However, the spider never gave up and continued its efforts tirelessly. Eventually, the spider succeeded in spinning the web beautifully.

The king closely observed all that transpired with the small spider, even though it failed many times and never gave up until it succeeded. The king thought to himself, "I am the king. Why should I give up my efforts? I must try again." With that determination, he decided to confront the enemy king. He left the forest and met his loyal friends.

He gathered all the warriors in his country, built a larger army, battled the enemy king, and achieved victory over him. He reclaimed his country and regained his throne as king. He never forgot the lesson imparted by the small spider when he was lying in the cave.

One should develop self-confidence to transform defeat into victory. Every defeat tests our mettle and teaches us valuable lessons that can lead us to victory. With unwavering determination and the goal of winning, one can turn defeat into triumph.