The dog lived near a field with its litter. The mother dog played with the litter anywhere they wanted. The mother warned the young ones not to go near the well. One puppy was curious to find out what was at the well and craned its head and neck towards the well.

At that moment, the puppy's reflection appeared on the well water and mimicked all the movements the curious puppy made at the edge of the well. It assumed the puppy in the well was mocking it and, with the intention of fighting, the puppy jumped into the well. Only after it started swimming in the water did the puppy realize that what it saw in the well was its own reflection. Not knowing how to get out of the well, it began yelping for help.

Hearing the puppy's cries, the farmer went down into the well and rescued the puppy, which immediately realized that it had gotten into trouble because it hadn't listened to its mother's advice.

1.    Pay attention to the elders' advice.

2.    If you have any questions, ask for clarification.

3.    Never, ever reject their advice.