A young girl tended to the garden her grandmother had worked tirelessly to establish. She came across a beautiful flower plant and its blossoms. Captivated by their beauty, she purchased the plant, planted it, and took great care of it, by giving it special attention.

Days turned into months, and months into years, yet the plant never produced a single blossom. Heartbroken, she decided to uproot it. That moment, the elderly woman next door called the young girl and said, "Your plant, and its flowers with such beauty, immersed my heart in an inundation of bliss at my advanced age."

The young girl realized that the plant had grown through a crack in the wall and blossomed on the other side, bringing happiness to the elderly woman, but it had not borne flowers on her side of the wall. Upon noticing the flowers on the other side, the young girl jumped for joy.  

1.    Don't dwell on any mental anguish, thinking that your efforts were in vain.

2.    Your hard work will eventually yield benefits.