One day, a wolf decided to target one of the sheep grazing in a nearby field. The owner of the sheep promptly confronted and chased the wolf away, ensuring the safety of his flock.
However, the same wolf returned, hungry for a sheep to prey upon. At that moment, the wolf's attention was diverted by the enticing aroma of food wafting from the sheep owner's house. The wolf was drawn to the house, and as it peered through the window, it was taken aback by the sight of a mouthwatering sheep meat dish being prepared. This sight led the wolf to contemplate the apparent hypocrisy of humans and their double standards: one set of rules for the wolf and another for themselves. They could kill sheep for food while simultaneously chasing away the wolf. Was the shepherd in the right?
The lesson to be learned here is that we often overlook our own faults while magnifying the faults of others. It is essential to abandon the habit of constantly finding fault in others and, instead, focus on keeping our own "house" clean, both in our actions and judgments.