A conversation took place between a camel and its calf. The curious calf inquired, "Why do we have humps?" To this, the mother camel replied, "The hump is filled with fat, which serves as a source of energy when there is no immediate food available in the desert. The larger the hump, the healthier a camel becomes."

The calf, driven by curiosity, posed another question, "Why are our feet curved?" The mother explained, "Our feet consist of two parts joined together at the bottom by a web. This design helps us walk easily on the sandy desert terrain."

Not satisfied, the inquisitive calf continued, "Why do our ears look like they do?" The mother replied, "Our ears and ear canals have hairs that prevent sand from entering them. Moreover, our ears can move independently in different directions towards the source of sound."

The calf, displaying its precocious nature, asked yet another question, "We currently live in a sanctuary. What use are these attributes here?" In response to this question, the mother camel fell silent.

The moral of the story is that your special attributes are most valuable when you are in the right environment where they can be put to good use.