The tortoise, resting at the bottom of the tree, engaged in a conversation with the bird in the nest. The tortoise began by making disparaging remarks, saying, "Your nest is an ugly thingamajig built with broken and knobbed twigs. Look at the shell of my house—sturdy, beautiful in shape, pattern, color, and strength."

In response, the bird retorted, "Though my house appears humble, broken, clumsy, and rickety in appearance, I built it from naturally occurring twigs and moss. I like it very much."

The tortoise continued to gloat about the greatness of its shell, asserting, "There's no comparison between your nest and my shell." However, the bird countered, saying, "My nest is better than your shell. My entire family lives in the nest, but not so in your case. Only you can live in your shell."

The bird concluded with a wise perspective, stating, "It is better to live with your family in a humble hut than to live in a palatial house all alone."