Send The Monkey As The Envoy
Simpleton Stories – Send the monkey as the envoy
Pamarta Guru (Noodle, Simpleton) had a desire to live and eat without work. He held a discussion with his simpleton disciples.
Matti posed a question, ‘’Gurudeva! Can’t we do thievery for a living?’’
Madaiyan said, ‘’If you get caught, they will kick you.’’ 
(Madaiyan - மடையன்- in Tamil is idiot, fool or blockhead.)

Muttal said, ‘’That being so, let us get a monkey and teach and train it to commit theft.’’
(Muttal - முட்டாள் in Tamil meaqns fool.)

Noodle said, ‘’Excellent plan. How are we to catch a monkey?’’
Mandu said, ‘’Catch Pillaiyar; end up with monkey.’’ ‘’I heard this expression, What does it mean?’’
Mudan explained, ‘’If we want a monkey, you catch hold of Pillaiyar. Pillaiyar will morph itself into a monkey.’’
Paramarthar, pleased with the answer, encouraged his disciples to go with him to catch Pillaiyar.
Parmathaguru saw a Pillaiyar idol at the bottom of the pipal tree. He said, ‘’My dear disciples, Pillaiyar is in deep sleep at this moment. Make no sound and catch him fast in one sweep.’’
The disciples circumambulated the tree, fell on the statue of Pillaiyar, rolled on the ground with the statue and held it fast.
At that moment an escaped performing monkey came there.
Seeing the monkey, the Guru ordered the disciples to catch the monkey.
Maddi and Madaiyan chased the monkey fast and caught hold of it.
Seeing the monkey, the Guru said, ‘’This is no ordinary monkey. This is the monkey that went as an envoy of Ramar.’’ Immediate fell at its feet.
The disciples chorused, ‘’Ranga, Ranga,’’ and tapped their cheeks as a mark of respect.
As soon as they reached the Mutt, Maddi observed, ‘’Our Guru smoked cigar but never gave us any cigars. Let us send the monkey to steal the cigars from the Guru.’’
Muttal spoke to the monkey, ‘’Dear monkey, Go and get high-quality cigars better than our Guru’s and bring them to us.’’
Next moment, the monkey was out of sight.
One hour later, the monkey returned with a chockfull of crackers in its hands.
The monkey went to the shop, mistook the firecrackers for cigars and brought them to the disciples.
Seeing the firecrackers, Madaiyan said with happiness, ‘’What a monkey to bring the cigars.’’
Muttal congratulated the monkey for its deft theft, ‘’Long live the monkey and your skill.’’
Mandu seeing the firecrackers in a multitude of colors felt satisfied, elated and said, ‘’Our Gurunathar’s cigars are all black. What we are about to smoke have multiple colors, like red, green, blue, violet.’’
Seeing a wick on each firecracker, he added, ‘’Just to light the cigars, wicks are put in place. Therefore, these must the world’s best cigars.’’
The disciples assembled and put a firecracker into their mouths. Muttal lighted the wicks with a lighted stick.
The disciples imagined blowing whorls of cigar smoke.
Next moment, the firecrackers exploded in their mouths.
Clutching their mouths, the disciples shouted out, ‘’Ayyo! Anjaneya.’’ They all rolled on the floor.
Paramarthar, hearing about the cigar fiasco, warned the disciples, ‘’Hereafter, do not do any acts without my knowledge.’’
The disciples told him, ‘’ O Guru! all your clothes are in tatters. Tell the monkey to steal good silk clothes.’’
The Guru sent the monkey to steal clothes.
The monkey entered the king’s palace.
The king was wading in the palace pool, leaving his silk clothes and the crown on the steps. Unseen by anyone, the monkey lifted them.
The Guru and the disciples were surprised to see the silk clothes and the crown.
Mandu said, ‘’Dear monkey, we will build a temple for you and worship you.’’
Mudan clothed the Guru with the silk clothes and Muttal crowned the Guru with the crown.
Matti said to the Guru, ‘’You look like a king.’’

The disciples wore the rest of the silk garments.
Paramarthar took his disciples on a townwide procession.
The king’s guards arrested the Guru and his disciples.
A ten-day incarceration was imposed on them for stealth.
The disciples lamented, ‘’ O Guru, we thought only people bring us troubles. Now a mere monkey brought us punishment.’’