Sri Aakasa Veeranar Temple ஸ்ரீ ஆகாச வீரனார் திருக்கோவில் சித்தமல்லி
குலதெய்வம் = FamilyDeity
 1. Even if you don't know your clan, you should not remain not knowing the family deity.

2. Even if you forget your Guru, you should not forget your family deity.

3. Family deity worship is synonymous with the worship of millions of deities.

4. There is no medicine better than chukka (dried ginger flakes), and there is no god above the family deity. There will be countless benefits if you worship the family deity.

5. There is no deed, impossible for a family deity.

6. Even Yama must take one's life by getting permission only from one's family deity.

7. Worship the family deity. To protect your dynasty, the sole God who comes running first is the family deity.

8. As air is vital for living, the family deity is essential for the family to flourish.

9. Even if the Iṣta Deivam (favorite God) is a powerful God, first, we should worship the family deity.

10. Kula Deivams (Family deities) can remove karma.

11. The family deity will give us grace easily. And it will also get the benefits of worshiping other gods.

12. Family deities are often seen as small deities. But its power cannot be measured and should not be ignored as a little god.

13. Family deities are the holy souls of our ancestors who have become the gods.

14. Those holy souls have the power of protecting and serving the people of their clan with constant supervision and concern.

15. That is why those gods become the family deities.

16. If one's clan is to flourish like a Banyan tree and have roots like Aruku (Moon Seed Plant = சீந்தில் கொடி), the worship of the family deity is essential.
17. If family deity dosham (fault or sin) exists, you will not get other gods' blessings.

18. If there is no permission or grace of family deity, it is doubtful whether a person will get the expected result of a powerful homam, yagna, or visit to the temples.

19. The God of this family gives the man the necessary benefits of the householder's life.

20. No malefic planet can injure those who perform the worship of family deity properly. The family deity has such a power.

21. To say that worship of caste deity is crucial because only family deity will do good.

22. The sayings of the great souls with experiential spiritual truth attest that though a person worships other deities, all benefits come through the family deity.

23. Among the Gods, the strongest God is the family deity.

24. Forgetting caste deity is forgetting our mother and father.

25. Forgetting the worship of caste deity is equal to starving the mother.

26. By worshiping the family deity, you can get the benefits of getting a remedy for chronic diseases, education, marriage, career development, getting child boon, etc.

27. If you do pooja and expiatory sacrifices without worshiping a family deity, you will not derive any benefits from them.

28. If you don't have the grace of your family deity, you won't get any merit from pooja done on your behalf by a great man.

29. If you do the worship of caste deities properly, even the Navagraha will stand with you.

30. The one who protects us like our mother in difficult times is the family deity.

31. days of not doing will do the planet. The family deity will do what the planet does not do.
31. What you do not perform during the day, the planet will do. What the planet has not done, the family deity will do.

32. Family deity will not curse you. The family deity will feel sad that you did not worship regularly or satisfactorily. So, the good things that need to happen in the house will face a delay. Therefore, all should worship the family deity and stay happy.

33. It is all right if one does not do any worship. But we should not abstain from doing the worship of the family deity. It will be harmful to our kulam.

34. It is a proverb [that Gods go] to the place where the child and the God are celebrating. [Whosoever celebrates the Kula Deivam joyously, the children and the deities will gravitate to them.

35. By the grace of family deity, all our problems will go away like the melting snow under the sun.

36. Worship of family deity is very necessary.

37. Because the worship of caste deity is the worship of Parabramam, who created this universe, "Insulting the family deity is insulting the Lord." That crime is serious, and the individual suffers punishment over six births.

38. When we worship our family deity, all imminent deeds [problems] will turn into good deeds. The family deity has such a power.

39. Decorate the picture of the family deity in your home and worship with traditional and customary offerings. You will get the grace and blessings of your family deity.

40. In case you have forgotten the worship of the family deity, start again first. No other God is equal to it.

41. What is the difference between other deity and family deity? Other gods [have] countless children. For your family deity, only your children are the progeny and lineage.

42. Forgetting caste deity is like forgetting parents.

43. Neglecting his family deity is equal to neglecting his mother. So their next seven generations won't have a good life.

44. When we celebrate family deity with devotion, our lives become better because big doshas vanish.

45. You can worship many gods. But those gods will not become family deities.

46. Favorite gods [Iṣta Devatas] are also next to the family deity.

47. Other Gods can give grace only after getting the permission of the family deity.

48. Worshipping the family deity comes first, even if the favorite God we worship is a powerful God

49. Kula deity worship is essential for every family. If you go with your family at least once a year and do what you have to do for the family deity, the clan will flourish, and the coming generation will live a happy life.

50. If your family deity is a non-veg deity, do it freely. Let us not change the way of our ancestors.

51. Worship other gods: We didn't say no. Even if you worship other deities, you will benefit from that God only if you go to the temple of other gods after worshiping your family deity. If not, definitely [you] won't get it.

52. If there is no grace from Family Deity, there is no grace from any God. .

53. Family deity makes the pauper a king and a king a pauper.

54. You can worship your family deity keeping its picture at home.

55. Family deity will protect us as the eyelids protect the eye.

56. There is no God greater than a family deity in this world.

57. There is no penance greater than patience. There is no greater pleasure than contentment. There is no greater ethics than compassion. There is no weapon more powerful than forgiveness...!

58. Even when surrounded by failures, dispel [vanquish] it as the sun dispels darkness, and put your best foot forward on the victory-step. It is not just the end of your endeavor, but you must proceed until you attain your goal. Let this dawn take place in your life.

59. May God bless you, so you rise with a blossomed face [smile] and hope at the start of your new day.
This is an edited text of the Machine Translation.  The red-letter passages have major revisions and others minor revisions.