Published: 24 Aug 2020 8 PMUpdated: 24 Aug 2020 8 PM  Sakthi Vikatan
Sakthi Vikatan Team

1. Narada was visiting with Janaka Maharaj. The king offered him an esteemed seat and extended his hospitality. Naradar blessed the king, ''The God will bless you with whatever you desire.''

2. Hearing Narada, the king answered, '' O Narada! Are God and I different? I am Brahman.''

3. Immediately, Naradar felt a weight on his mind. The king’s answer was turgid with ego. He left the king’s presence. On his way, he came across a Ganesh Temple and pleaded with him to teach a lesson to the king Janaka for his bloated ego and addressed God, '' O God, King Janaka thinks he is Parabrahmam (Supreme God). He is egoistic.''

5. a Brahmin showed up at the gates of the palace. Having checked his credentials, the guards passed on the news to the king. Upon the king’s permission, they took the Brahmin before the king. The first word out the king’s mouth to the Brahmin was, ''What do you want.''

6. “Gut-wrenching hunger. Need food,” said the Brahmin.

7. The king said, ''Is that it?'' He asked his son to feed the Brahmin until his huger subsided.

8. Accordingly, the king’s minion served the Brahmin (Ganesa in disguise) food on the banana leaf. Sooner than it was served on the leaf, it disappeared. These servings happened several times. There was no more food in the palace. Soon, the palace pantry was empty of food. The food repository also was empty. The Discovery of emptiness shocked the king.
9. ‘It is not possible to feed the guest anymore.

10. The king addressed the super-gluttonous guest saying, “You asked for food. I gave. But your hunger never found appeasement. Therefore, you may go where your insatiable hunger finds satiation.”

10. The Brahmin in disguise told the king, “I came to you who has earned a name as the philanthropist extraordinaire . You gave me food a little at a time, never enough to satisfy my hunger but good enough to increase my appetite. Now you say to me to go somewhere else.”

11. He continued his feigned diatribe, “You claimed you are the Parabrahmam, both the benefactor and the usurper. That egoism of yours does not have the power to appease my hunger. Cast your meaningless Brahmatvam into the fire.” Saying thus, he rushed out of the palace in a huff.

12. Shock and awe struck the king Janaka. Janaka felt contrite at his ego and the attitude of ‘Aham Brahmāsmi.’ The Brahmana taught me a good lesson. So feeling, he experienced an attitudinal change.

13. The Brahmin came to Trisiran’s hut, when he and his wife were finishing up the Vinayaka Peruman’s worship. They gave the Brahmin a handful of Arukampul (Cynodon dactylon, a medicinal herb, favorable to Lord Ganesha), which the Brahmin ate and satiated his hunger. The next moment, the mere hut of Trisiran transformed into a palace replete with grains, hoards of gold, and other valuable and essential articles.

14. The Brahmin transmuted into ŚrīVinayakar and offered his Darsan to Trisiran, his wife Virosinai, and the ego-depleted Janaka Maharaj.