Published:26 Jun 2020 12 AMUpdated:26 Jun 2020 12 AM
Suitable Pūram to worship Āṇdāḷ!
 Gurupūja to Amarnīthi Nāyanār who eulogized Siva’s servitors.
Author: Sailapathi
1. Beginning on the day of Pūra Nakshatra, Makara Rāsikars get Chandrāṣtama days. Since the effects of Chandrāṣtamam are adverse, it is useful to recite Āṇdāl’s Tiruppavai poems to avert and or remove the evil consequences. ∞
2. Each Nakṣatra has a unique quality. On the respective Nakṣatra day, we come to know of the appropriate ways of worship. Pūram indicates worship of Āṇdāḷ and Amarnīthi Nāyaṉār. The ruler of Pūra Nakṣatra is Sukra or Planet Venus. 'He who was born in Pūra will rule the world.’ That is the saying by Jyōdhiṣa. Nācchiyār Avatār is the most celebrated event in Pūra Nakṣatra. ∞
3. Āṇdāl Nācchiyār took her Avatar in Ādippūram. On the Pūra Nakṣatra day, the temple worship of Āṇdāḷ takes place. Reciting Tiruppāvai on these days and praising Lord Viṣṇu will earn the devotee a multitude of benefits. On the day of Pūra Nakṣatra, which sometimes coincides with Chandrāṣtam days, it is beneficial to recite Tiruppāvai to remove the danger inherent in Chandrāṣtam. Ādi = July 15---August 15. ∞
4. Āṉipūram is another special day for Amarnīthiyār Gurupūja. Amarnīthiyār donated food and clothing to Śivanadiyārs (Servitors of Śiva). Śivaperumāṉ noticing his selfless Bakthi wanted to sport with him. He appeared before him as a servitor of Śiva in a loincloth. Amarnīthiyār paid homage to the servitor and requested him to accept food from him. The servitor said rain was imminent and handed Amarnīthiyār his dry spare loincloth for safekeeping until he returned after a bath. ∞ 
5. Amarnīthiyār put it away safely. It rained as said. The Śivanadiyār came in soaking wet and requested to fetch the dry loincloth from storage. Amarnīthiyār looked for it where he stored it. It was not there and disappeared magically. Amarnīthiyār brought a substitute in its place. ∞
6. The Śivanadiyār refused adamantly to accept the substitute loincloth and gave him a dry spare he had on hand. He demanded Amarnīthiyār to provide him with a loincloth equal in weight and value. Amarnīthiyār brought a scale with two dishes, and put the loincloth on one plate. The plate, being heavier with Śivanadiyār’s loincloth, tilted down. ∞ 
7. Amarnīthiyār placed his possessions such as gold and other valuables on his plate, but the dishes were uneven and unbalanced. He put his wife and children on the plate. No luck. Then, Amarnīthiyār had a flash of wisdom that the visitor was not ordinary but Śiva himself. He realized that in this world, nothing was equal to the dust under Śiva’s raised foot. ∞
8. As if pointing that the sacred ash was Śiva’s equal, thinking to himself if he entertained sincere trust and devotion in the sacred ash and lived a life of integrity, the plates will be at level. And he climbed on the plate. Then the dishes leveled. The people witnessing it were horripilated. Soon, the Adiyār’s form morphed to Śiva with Uma at his side. Śiva gave the holy Darsan and granted grace to Amarnīthiyār . ∞
9. Āṉipūsam was the day Amarnīthiyār merged with the feet of Śiva, revealing to the world the great truth that Śivaṉadiyār and Śiva are one. From that day, Gurupūja had been in vogue and celebrated. People should think of Śiva with the recitation of poems from Tirutthonda Purāṇam, thereby removing all hardships and hoping for a prosperous life. ∞
10. 26 Jun 2020. Today it is Pūra Nakṣatra from 11:56 AM to 10:33 AM tomorrow. Therefore, worshipping Śiva and Viṣṇu on this day yields goodness and prosperity. ∞