Published:15 Apr 2013 8 PMUpdated:15 Apr 2013 8 PM Published:15 Apr 2013 8 PMUpdated:15 Apr 2013 8 PM
Vikatan Correspondent
Author: V. Ramji
Date of publication in 02-21-2021
1. Faith is Life! That is why the believers never face ruin, said our ancestors. Faith in God and self-confidence together, if shining, will help our life prosper and succeed.
2. The home may have many rooms. But, the prayer room has the most Sakti or energy. While seated there, the thought waves are loftiest and life-giving. If the small Puja room has such power, think of the temple's plethoric energy with the resident deities.
3. The deity is the only help to the forlorn: The saying goes. That Deivam is the help and guide to us, clueless of the direction of life's path. The truthful saying is if we take one step towards Kadavul (God), Deivam takes ten steps towards us.
4. In Tamil Nadu, a host of beautiful temples shine with enormous holiness. A horde of devotees attained a life of peace and tranquility by faithful surrender to the Kadavul in the visited temple. We have heard of Kadavul taking the guise of people and helping the devotees, whose lives have thrived since then. Why others! We said such things with joyous affirmations.

5. A host of devotees have taken refuge in that Kadavul, live and say, "By performing Puja at the temple for the removal of hardships, I live free of them and enjoy tranquility today."
'Here Is My Deivam' is a series of articles on the temples, the modes of worship, and the boon-getters.
6. First, let us go to Chennai Sri Kalikambal Temple.
It is in our culture we offer the premium place of entitlement to the woman. Is it not right to write about Ambal, the Sakthi Devi, first in the Sakthi Vikatan series? The truth is Devi grants us power. A thirty-something says, "My mother's nourishment at my tender years stands me in good stead as I approach the 40th year of my life." That said, if Ambikai grants us energy with love and mercy, we can, throughout life, live with tranquillity and happiness.
7. SriKalikambal (Śrī-kāḷika-Ambāḷ (= Kāḷi) is a boon-grantor. Srikali means not what you see: Big red eyes; canine teeth; a fierce look; killing the demon under her feet with a spear; adornment with a garland of skulls around her neck. Our Kali under discussion is not fierce (Ugra Kali), but is mother's mother, the epitome of love and an embodiment of serenity.
8. SriKalikambal is the resident goddess in the temple on Thambhu Chetty Street in the Chennai-Paris Corner, a crowded place. Kali means Time, and so owns time. She is the Guardian Deity of us through time.
9. Enormous throng of devotees shows up in the SriKalikambal Temple every day, other than the renowned Tuesdays and Fridays, the most sacred days. The impromptu visitors say that things were not going all right, and visiting SriKalikambal Sannidhi will help them cope better.
10. A car moved from Azhvarpettai Isabella Hospital early one morning, plied along the Marina Beach Road, went past Fort George, and came to a stop at the SriKalikambal Temple.
11. His arrival to the temple was sudden, with little time to prepare. The staff got busy doing their bit to invite him upon arrival.
12. He had a kidney disease that became symptomatic and so sought admission into the hospital.
13. The patient: "I should go to SriKalikambal Sannidhi first and then anywhere else. The priority was to visit Amma, he said upon admission into the hospital. Under those circumstances, he went from the hospital to the temple.
14. Though he was weak physically, he ran to the sanctum of SriKalikambal as if a calf ran looking for its mother cow.
15. That person in a hurry seeking Amma was her ardent devotee Superstar Rajnikanth. We felt horripilation, as we witnessed this incident.