Admitting ignorance is a form of integrity.

Four people approached a Muni, seeking wisdom about the complexities of the world and the paths to understanding them. In response, the Muni offered a concise answer: "I have no idea."

Perplexed, they retorted, "What do you mean, Swamy? You're a renowned sage, and you claim to have no answers for us?"

The Muni proposed a test: "I'll take you on a magical flying car and show you a scene unfolding below. You must give me your opinion on it. If your opinion is incorrect, the car will eject you." The group agreed and boarded the flying vehicle.

During the flight, they observed a scene where a tiger was giving birth to cubs and subsequently searched for meat to satiate both her and her cubs' hunger. Simultaneously, a deer also gave birth and arrived at a watering hole. The tiger spotted the deer, charged at it, killed it, and fed some of the meat to her cubs. The tiger cubs were content, while the deer's offspring mourned the loss of their mother.

The Muni then asked the group for their opinions on what they had witnessed.

The first person exclaimed, "This is terribly wrong! The deer cubs are now motherless." The flying car promptly ejected him.

Next, the Muni asked the second person for his thoughts. Cautious after witnessing his friend's ejection, he said, "It's all right. The deer serve as prey to nourish the tigers." He was also ejected from the car.

The third individual, having seen the expulsion of his two companions, cautiously stated, "This is neither right nor wrong." He was promptly ejected as well.

Finally, the Muni asked the fourth person for his perspective. He replied, "Swamy, I don't know."

The flying car did not eject him. It continued on its course, carrying only the two of them. The lesson was clear: it is sufficient to understand what directly pertains to our own lives, and there's no need to feign comprehensive knowledge of everything beyond that.