Kumar bought a well

Kumar bought a well from Subramaniyam at an agreed-upon price. The next day, the two men ran into each other at a bazaar. Subramaniyam said, "I forgot to mention this earlier, but I only sold you the well, not the water inside it. If you want to use the water, you'll have to pay a monthly fee."

Without missing a beat, Kumar replied, "I'm glad we met face-to-face; I had something to say as well. I'm satisfied with just the well and don't need the water that's in it."

He continued, "You should drain the well and hand it over to me completely empty. If you can't do that, you'll have to pay me a monthly rental fee for storing your water in my well."

Subramaniyam's face remained impassive, not a muscle twitched.

Great greed begets great loss.