Angry youth
In a style reminiscent of Mark Twain, here's the revised story:
In a small town nestled by the Mississippi, a young lad, inflamed with the fire of anger, sought out the wisdom of the local Jnani. He said, "Sir, anger consumes me. How
might I tame it?"
Handing him a fistful of nails and a sturdy hammer, the Jnani said, "Son, every time that fire of anger stirs within, take a nail and hammer it into yonder wall."
Following the sage's advice, the youth began. On the first day, ten nails; the next, nine; then six, and on it went until one fine morning, he stood before the Jnani, a gleam of pride in his eyes, declaring, "Today, sir, not a single nail was struck!"
The wise Jnani nodded and said, "On days when your heart remains calm, pull out a nail."
Time passed, and after fifty sunsets, the youth approached the Jnani, joy evident in his stride. "All the nails are gone," he said with a grin.
The Jnani, pointing to the scarred wall, questioned, "The nails may be gone, but the marks remain. How, young man, do you plan to mend those?"
The boy's triumphant expression faded to one of realization. He hung his head, the weight of understanding pressing upon him. "It's a simple task to let anger loose," said the Jnani, "but mending the wounds it leaves behind? That's the true challenge."