Why is the world in turmoil?

A young woman lived in a town, puzzled by the constant fights and disputes in the world. Despite her attempts, no one could provide her with satisfactory answers to her questions.

One day, an ascetic appeared at her front door, asking for alms. Seizing the opportunity, she posed her questions to him. The ascetic responded, "I came to you for alms, yet instead of offering them, you present me with these queries. Don't you have better things to do?"

His response irritated the woman, and she retorted, "You roam from village to village, begging for alms. How audacious you are!"

With a gentle smile, the ascetic replied, "Dear woman, your reaction to my words was much more severe than the offense I gave. While there are many reasons for disputes among people, the choice of words is paramount. I deliberately used provocative words to illustrate their impact. If you choose to speak kindly and refrain from sharp words, many disputes can be easily resolved."