The Color of the Grass is Blue

In a forest, a donkey and a tiger found themselves in disagreement. "The color of the grass is blue," declared the donkey. The tiger countered, insisting it was green. As their dispute intensified, various animals chimed in with their perspectives, but no consensus emerged to satisfy both the donkey and the tiger.

Seeking resolution, they took their debate to the king of the beasts. Before the king could even speak, the donkey, with confidence, brayed, "I maintain the grass is blue. This foolish tiger claims it's green."

To the tiger's surprise, the king sentenced him to prison. The donkey, elated by the verdict, trotted off.

Later, the tiger sought a private audience with the lion.

"O king of beasts," began the tiger, "is it not true that the grass is green?"

The lion nodded. "Yes, it is."

"Then why did you imprison me when I was in the right?" the tiger inquired.

The lion replied, "I did not imprison you for telling the truth. You might have corrected the donkey once or twice, but you chose to prolong a trivial argument. By dragging this quarrel before me and involving a foolish donkey, you wasted both your time and mine. It was for that lapse in judgment that you were punished."