The Lion, the Ingrate
Once, a man from a village near the edge of a forest ventured into the jungle to collect firewood. As he worked, he heard a lion's roar echoing through the trees. Unsure of the lion's location, he was gripped by fear and ran.

A voice called out, "Hey, man! Have no fear; I'm here." He looked around but saw no one. Nevertheless, he followed the direction from which the voice had originated.

Soon, he found a lion trapped in a pen, constructed by hunters to catch the animal alive, using a goat as bait. The lion had fallen into the trap while hunting for livestock.

The lion implored the man, "Hey, man! Free me from this pen, and I'll repay you generously."

Suspicious, the man replied, "You're known to kill and eat humans. Why should I trust you and release you?"

The lion reasoned, "Yes, it's in my nature to hunt humans, but that doesn't mean I'll harm the one who saves me. Would I be so ungrateful? Please, open the pen; I promise not to hurt you."

Trusting the lion's words, the man opened the enclosure. Just as he did, the lion prepared to pounce on him.

"O Lion! Is this what you call justice? I trusted you and set you free. How could you betray me like this?" the man exclaimed.

The lion retorted, "To save my life, I'd tell a thousand lies. You, a human, possess an analytical mind. Shouldn't you have discerned right from wrong? How can you blame me for your foolishness?"

The man countered, "God will punish you for this treachery. Is it just to eat the one who rescued you? Your behavior is immoral."

Just then, a fox happened to pass by. The man suggested, "Let's seek the fox's opinion on this matter." He then narrated the entire sequence of events to the fox.

The lion interjected, "It's my nature to kill and eat; he knew that when he set me free. Isn't his folly to blame?"

After hearing both sides, the fox quickly realized that the lion was ungrateful. Formulating a quick plan to trap the lion again and save the man, the fox feigned confusion. "I don't quite understand. Could you both start from the beginning?"

The lion began recounting its tale, "I was trapped in that pen."

"Which pen?" asked the fox.

"There, that pen," replied the lion.

"And how were you trapped?" queried the fox.

To demonstrate, the lion ran into the pen. Seizing the opportunity, the fox swiftly shut and secured the door.

The lion roared, "Hey, Fox! What injustice is this? You were supposed to mediate!"

The fox advised, "Stay quiet and remain in the pen. I'm not foolish like this man. Had I sided with you, you'd have killed him and then come after me. That's why I've put you back where you belong."

The ungrateful lion was left to ponder its actions.

Lesson: Never forget the kindness extended to you by others.