The Brainless Donkey

An old, decrepit lion lived in a dense jungle. Unable to run and hunt, he led a life of hardship. Concerned about his ability to sustain himself, the lion knew he had to do something. One day, a fox crossed his path. Seeing an opportunity, the lion said, "From now on, you are my minister. I will act only after consulting with you."

Stunned, the fox replied, "Oh, Raja! I am fortunate to be appointed as your minister."

The lion then said, "As the king of the jungle, it's beneath my dignity to run after prey. Your first job and responsibility is to bring food to me."

The fox, initially frozen in fear, thought, 'How could a fox possibly bring food to a lion?'

The lion reassured him, "You're clever, aren't you? I know this task will be easy for you." Seduced by the flattery, the fox agreed to the lion's proposal.

While searching for food, the fox encountered a donkey. "Hey, bro! Long time no see! Where have you been?" the fox asked.

"I've been wandering around here," the donkey replied. "What's on your mind?"

"You're one lucky guy. The king of our jungle has chosen you to be his first minister," said the fox.

The donkey was skeptical. "I'm terrified of the lion. He could kill me in an instant. Why would he choose me as a minister? It doesn't make sense. No deal, bro!"

But the fox persisted. "Don't be afraid. As prime minister, you'll hold a high position. All animals will respect you and come begging for favors."

The naive donkey, swayed by the fox's words, agreed to accompany him to the lion's den. The lion welcomed him, saying, "Come, my friend! From today, you are the prime minister."

Elated, the donkey bashfully approached the lion, who immediately struck him with a heavy blow, killing him on the spot.

As the lion began to eat, the fox interjected, "Wait, O King! No matter how hungry you are, a king should not eat without bathing first." The lion went to bathe, leaving the fox alone with the donkey's corpse. Feeling hungry, the fox tore open the donkey's head and ate its brain.

Upon returning, the lion noticed the torn head and said, "Why is the donkey's head all ripped open? Where is the brain?"

The fox replied, "What, Maharaja! Didn't you know that donkeys don't have brains?"

"Incredulous, the lion said, "That can't be true. Don't lie to me."

The fox retorted, "If the donkey had brains, would it have come with me?"

The lion accepted the fox's explanation and calmed down.