Superimposed Text is from குமுதம் பக்தி ஸ்பெஷல் - Kumudam Bakthi

The famous temple for Muruga Perumāṉ: Kukkē Subramaṇiyar Koil  Karnataka

The surroundings are verdant.  In the lap of the mountain Kumara Parvatam, the temple rests. Throngs of devotees come here to take a Darsan of Murugan. Kumrathārā River runs behind the temple, enhancing the beauty of this temple. The history of the temple goes back 5000 years. The Jñānis tell that every stone has in it the Amsa of Subramaṇiyar. In the Hindu tradition, Kukkē Subramaṇiyar Koil is at the forefront.


  Śivaperumān’s son Subramaṇiyar annihilated a plethora of evil Sakthis and the Asuras and chose this Kumara Parvatham mountain for mitigating the rage. When Subramaṇiyar came to the hill, his energy boiled over and ran as a flood. In that inundation, all the stones shone like Kumaran. Even today, we can find rocks having six faces.