On a cold November afternoon, Ms. Kitty was wandering restlessly around looking for something, anything for that matter, to break the boredom. She meowed but no one heard. She stretched her body to shake off the stiffness. 

She went outside to hear the whooshing wind and watch it shake the autumn leaves off the trees. She tried to see all the leaves break off and swirl down in a spiral to the earth. There were too many falling leaves to watch all of them at once. Some leaves grazed her delicate fur.

She was a house cat, never used to run away. She never wandered off more than a block or so. She meowed to communicate with her ilk. The meetings were never pleasant and ended in a fight. She always kept her distance and waited for the block’s cats come to her. Miss. Kitty was careful that way.

She wandered enough off her house. Hunger was gnawing her stomach, and it was time to go home.  

On the way back, the other cats were eyeing Ms. Kitty from a safe distance.  

The wind was fierce. More leaves were falling. It was time to go inside. As she stepped on the welcome mat, the lady of the house opened the door and allowed her in.

In the central hall, a dish of warm milk was waiting for her. She lapped and lapped until she emptied the bowl. Now it was time for Ms. Kitty to rest on the soft pillow, meant for her use.