Dancer extraordinaire…Wonderful Darsan
Published:21 Dec 2015 7 PMUpdated:21 Dec 2015 7 PM  Sakthi Vikatan
K.N. Mahalingam   Puduchery


  1.   In Chidambaram sacred temple, to the right of the Sanctum sanctorum, Emperuman offers grace and protection in the form of Chidambara Rahasyam, Nataraja under the golden dome, and crystal Lingam. 

2.  Opposite to the Chiṛṛambalam (Hall of Wisdom) is Ethirambalam, where the sacred bath of Natararajar takes place. Also known as Kanakasabai. Pērambalam, also known as Dēvasabai, is where the processional deities stay. Tērambalam, stationed to the left of the flagpole, is the wheeled carriage or car of processional deities. Urdha-thāndava deities appear in the car. This place where these deities stay bears the name Niruntha Sabai. Mārgazi month Ārudra Darsan and Āni Tirumanjanam (Sacred bathing of the deity) occur in the thousand-pillar pavilion. 

3.  In Thanjai Thirusengāttangkudiyil, we can receive Darsan of the statues of nine deities: Bhujangalaḷitham, Kālasamhāra Mūthy, Kangāla Mūrthy, Pitchātana Mūrthy, Tripura Samhāra Mūrthy, Bhairavar, Itthirāpathiyār, Ūrtthuva Tāṇdavar and Ānanda Tāndavar. 

  4. Madavār Viḷākam near Srivilliputthūr is the home of Srivaithya Nātha Swamy temple wherein we can have Darsan of the monolithic Natarajar’s wonderful and sacred statue. Likewise, in Nellai Māvattam Āzvār Kuṛicchi Sivālayam, monolithic Nataraja is the central deity for Darsan. What is unique about this statue is that upon tapping, it sounds like bronze metal.  

5.  In Pērūr Pattīsvarar temple, Natarajar presented the Thillai sacred dance pose to Sundaramurthy Nāyanar and went by the name Kudaka (north) Thillai Ambalavāṇan.   

6.  Parañjōthi Munivar, in his Tiruvilayādal Puranam’s 25th chapter, described Natarajar’s sacred dance of the planted left leg and raised right leg, a switch in the planted leg. In Madurai temple at the entrance to the sanctum sanctorum, five steps are in place reminiscent of the five-letter mantra, Na-Ma-Si-Va-Ya.  

7.  The famous dances of Natarajar are 108: 42 for the Devas, three for Murugan, nine for Tirumāl, 36 for Ambikai, and 18 by himself. 

8.  We can receive Darsan of his dances: Brahma Tāndavam at Tirumurugan Pūndy, Ūrddhuva Tāndavam in Avināsi, Sundara Tāndavam in Madurai, Ajāpa Tāndavam in Tiruvārur and Ānanda Tāndavam in Thillai.  

9.  Tirunallam aka Kōnēri Rājapuram is five km from S. Pudhūr on Kumbakōnam-Kāraikkāl road. Sthala Puranam says that Natarajar came as a servitor of God, drank the five-metal molten alloy, and appeared as Natarajar.  

10.  This alloy is a seven-foot-tall Natararajar statue and shows on its body hairs, nevi, palmar creases, and nails.