A veteran subway rider Joanna, used the underground to go to work, visiting friends, museums, and shopping malls, and taking a stroll in Central Park. After a busy day, Joanna was riding back home. An empty end seat was beside her beckoning a weary rider. A woman in her early thirties and a five-year-old boy boarded the car. The mother signaled with her roving eyes to the boy to take the end seat. He took a couple of steps, lost his footing when the train jerked forward, plopped down, and shouted, ‘’Mom, I missed my seat.’’ His mother’s face turned pale, the boy’s face happy, and Joanna’s face a little curious. He landed on Joanna’s lap. The wiggly movements of his hands betrayed his medical condition: cerebral palsy. Joanna immediately saw he was a disabled child.

The mother embarrassed by her little angel perching on the laps of an unknown person spoke to the child in a controlled voice, ‘’Honey dear, could you please take the empty seat?’’ Joanna immediately turned to mom, ‘’Mother dear, your son is sitting on the right seat and feels comfortable. Let him be.’’ Then she identified herself to the mother ‘’I work up in the Children’s Rehab Center.’’ The mother answered back to the nurse, ‘’ Thank you mam for your kindness.’’

Joanna’s destination came and went but continued her ride not to discomfort the child with disabilities. The mother and the boy got off three stations beyond Joanna’s destination. She got off with them too. The mother thanked Joanna profusely for being kind to her son and offered to gor for a bite to eat. She accepted the offer. They went to an eatery that served pizzas and soft drinks. The boy was ecstatic that he was going to eat pizza.
They sat down but this time the boy sat on his mother’s lap, helped by his mother. He must have been hungry. He finished his pizza in half the time Joanna and his mother took to eat it. It turned out that Joanna’s father and the boy’s mother went to the same school. The rehab. nurse lived near two stations before the boy’s. She earnestly offered any help she could to the little boy. Soon it was time to leave. Before the boy’s mom could pick up the tab, the nurse was close to the end seat and grabbed the check and paid it. They bid goodbye. The boy bid goodbye to the kindly nurse.